About us

SELLCARBUYCAR.COM was born from the desire to offer private clients from Romania all the advantages brought forth by years of international professional experience and valuable contacts among the providers of services: fair prices, cars from established providers, reliability, professionalism and transparency.

Our belief that a truly fair price can only be reached through a 100% online process is the reason our entire offer, including selling procedures and car delivering orders, can be accessed exclusively through our online platform.

Car delivery will be provided on demand by Höedlmayr, a vehicle transport company whose excellent services we have used since 2013, and which to date has delivered for us over 12,000 vehicles.

The SELLCARBUYCAR.COM platform helps private owners list their car for sale in a professional manner by providing an easy-to-follow wizard, with step-by-step instructions and sample photos. It can be done using only a smartphone, and our proposed manner of presentation, including how to photograph, check and list your car on our website, is inspired from professional procedures used by companies like Dekra and SGS, European leaders in second hand cars inspection, evaluation and presentation.

The SELLCARBUYCAR.COM platform is the product of a team of dedicated people, with years of experience, passion for their work and success in car trading, design, web/software development and legal support.

With SELLCARBUYCAR.COM we wish to make it easy and enjoyable for you to sell or buy a car on their own, but we have just started. There is room for improvement and we are open to constructive comments and suggestions, so if you have any, please write to us at [email protected] or call us at +40 722 565 580.


Valentin Eduard Stănescu, Founder

Valentin Eduard Stănescu


Valentin was born in Romania, but lives with his wife and two children in Belgium since 2000. He has dual citizenship. Between 2006 and 2011, Valentin worked in Antwerp for Manheim, the largest physical and online car auctions company in the world, then in Brussels for BCA, the largest car auction company in Europe. He was second hand car sales agent for the Romanian clients and online car auctions supervisor. He has a good knowledge of the European car market in general, but is also familiar with the singularities of the Romanian market.

Since 2011 he has worked for Quadriga, a company in the Belgian group Beerens, one of the largest European car traders which specializes in B2B, new and second hand car trade, with approximately 8,000 car transactions per year. He has been in charge of new cars purchasing, and has gained knowledge and experience as an international trader. He has built valuable connections with OEMs in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He has kept in touch with the Romanian market, from which in 2018 he purchased, among others, 2,900 new Dacia Duster cars, to be later exported to China.

Valentin is the sole shareholder of AJM Business Services, which specializes in B2B international trading of large new cars batches. AJM Business Services is an authorised Senior Purchaser for Wonder Auto, a Belgian company in the group D’Ieteren, official distributor of VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini in Belgium.

Through AJM Business Services, Valentin has financed the entire development of the online, B2C and C2C, new and second hand cars trade platform SELLCARBUYCAR.COM.

Valentin speaks Dutch, English, Romanian and French.

Ionuț-Cristian Florescu, Web/Software Developer

Ionuț-Cristian Florescu

Web/Software Developer

Ionuț is a web/software developer and entrepreneur with a strong focus on “making things happen” using the right technologies. Curious by nature, an avid reader of fiction, business- & tech-related literature, he is always looking to expand his skill-set and horizons, to understand how things work and to make them work better.

He started his web/software development career in 1998 and worked for 5 years for/with various start-ups and small companies using open-source technologies that were exotic and cutting-edge by that time.

In Q2 2003, Ionuț entered the “enterprise” world of financial corporations and for the next 5 years he worked in software development for multinational insurance companies such as Allianz and Garanta (The Ethniki, Hellenic General Insurance Company). During that time, he was involved in a number of successful projects and exposed to a new world of challenges: using and mastering a wide set of technologies (i.e. .NET, Oracle, SQL Server Enterprise), building large system architectures, becoming a real team-player, interacting with great people with various business- and tech-backgrounds and learning as much as possible from them.

Following the previous experience, confident in a solid knowledge-base continuously enhanced by natural curiosity, in 2007 he finally made the decision to start up “on his own” in a different area of activity. The timing was perfect: the real-estate bubble was booming. This, coupled with the fact that he’s used to a moderate life-style helped him break-even and become financially independent in 2011 by acquiring full equity in a small investment portfolio.

Since then, he is working as an independent web/software development contractor and is also an active member of various open-source projects.

Ionuț speaks English and Romanian.

Irinel-Ramona Florescu, Designer

Irinel-Ramona Florescu


After graduating from the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, Irinel devoted herself to interior and furniture design.

Until 2007 she worked for a furniture company, specializing in bespoke furniture made of melamine particleboard for private homes and commercial spaces. Since then she has worked exclusively as a freelancer under the name Interior Delight. She has also found a new passion in ArchViz (Architectural visualisation) and has had successful collaborations, as a 3D Artist, with clients from Romania and UK.

She took UX and UI online courses in order to work together with her husband on web and mobile development projects. She is currently studying Dart and Flutter programming to build mobile applications.

Since 2017 she has taken to writing fantasy in English.

Irinel speaks English and Romanian.